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Daye Garden is a leading expert for the development of intelligent and easy to use garden power tools and irrigation products.

Daye Garden is one of the largest and fast-growing manufacturer specialized in producing garden power tools and garden watering products in China. It is located at the south bank of beautiful Hangzhou gulf in Ningbo,Zhejiang Province, with a land coverage of 80,000 square meters 150,000 square meters building area and 1200 employees. Daye Garden has gotten a rapid development by hard work following the principal of excellent quality, competitive prices and satisfied service.

"Introduce advanced equipment, gather talents in the industry, set up R&D Center and Mould Center, invest more on technology" the above four ideas about R&D has built a platform fo Daye Garden's technology innovation. It helps the company realize information-based and intelligence-oriented R&D platform and continuously develop new products to meet diversified needs of society.

"The quality of a product is the quality of life",this concept underlines the entire work of Daye Garden, from choice of raw materials to design, from development to production stages, Daye Garden's processes meet the high quality standards, at the same time, try to constantly make technological improvement.

Daye Garden products have been widely acknowledged and accepted by our valuable customers, and we are sur that it's inevitable for Daye Garden to become an ideal partner of garden products manufacturer all oer the world. 



An ongoing improvement effort has always been the company's underlying idea. The result is the Daye Group's unique innovative strength, manifested in a great number of patent applications every year. Many of these ideas can also be found in our garden tools, with the Daye Power Tool Division launching new products year in, year out. Also in the future, we will continue to amaze you with our innovations.

More power, more flexibility, more precision.

Our manufacturing companies are certified in keeping with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, which means that they meet the strict manufacturing, quality management and environmental standards set by ISO, the International Standards Organisation. Apart from the periodic inspections and audits carried out by the ISO, they also apply stringent tests of their own to provide you with extra reassurance.

Only materials and parts that have been inspected and are of perfect quality are actually used in the production process.

Every machine that comes off the assembly line goes through a trial run.







We are a company that takes its responsibility seriously. From the sourcing of raw materials to the impact of our activities and products on the environment - we work hard to ensure that quality ermeates everything we do.


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